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What is Choice Theory Dog Training 
And what makes it different from reward only training?

Choice Theory  Dog Training

Working Dog Training for the Pet Dog



Choice Theory Dog Training

Choice Theory Dog Training teaches you how to use the proper techniques in order to train your dog to working dog standards. Working dog standards are higher then pet standards. This is because the consequences for failing are greater. A service or guide dog that fails to sit in total control when it sees a distraction could very easily pull its owner into traffic or down to the ground where great injury could be suffered. A military or police working dog is assertive enough that if not under control would take food or toys away from humans and not give them back.

We at MP K9 Dog Training understand that modern dog owners have the opportunity to take their dogs with them to many dog-friendly environments and do not wish to be embarrassed by their dog’s behavior or pay the price of replacing goods or claims resulting from injury to others or their pets. Therefore we guarantee our training system.


How The System Works?

Choice Theory Dog Training is the product of over 2 decades of research. It utilizes the best methods from food reward training, praise reward training and correction based training.

What makes this system different from other systems is that it always first takes into consideration that no two dogs are the same. Secondly that it is impractical to use food every time you take your dog out or want it to do something inside the home. And third, it takes into consideration that it is your job to be the pack leader not a bribery artist. Choice Theory Dog Training doesn’t work through intimidation but rather through controlling the dog’s needs so that it will choose the option that benefits him and you.

Have you ever heard people say that their dog went through a food reward training system and now it won’t do anything unless they have food in their hand? This is because the other systems are actually not just food-reward but rather a food-motivating system and the dog has the choice to do it or not do it and suffer no consequence.

Many early dog trainers didn’t give dogs enough credit and believed that dogs learned only through repetition and pain avoidance. Many modern trainers give the dog too much credit and train dogs as if they are people. Although dogs like people are very capable of reasoning, what they are not capable of is basing their reasoning on words. Your dog’s reasoning is based on four things, cause and affect, and action and consequences. Subsequently your dog will always make the choice that benefits him.

When we steer a dog’s body into position with food and then finally give the food when the dog’s body is in position, we are in essence motivating the dog with the food. This is cause and affect and this is bribery. The presence of the food causes the dog to perform, sometimes voluntarily and unfortunately sometimes involuntarily. The dog will quickly learn that if the hand is empty then there is a good chance that there will be no food reward at the end of the task. Thus a smart dog will choose to stop performing once the food has been removed. If you don’t insist that the dog performs at this point then your dog has in fact trained you. He understands better than you that if you don’t produce the cause then you won’t get the desired affect.

Choice Theory Dog Training works differently. It works by truly giving your dog a choice with humane techniques using a leash and collar. This is the action. Once the dog is in position it can then be reward by verbal praise, physical praise and/or food reward. This is the consequence. In this manner food is truly a reward and not a motivator. The motivator is leash and collar, which ultimately puts you the owner/trainer in a position of authority over your dog. Once you are in a position of authority your dog will work hard to please you. Your praise and food will now have a new found value to your dog. Your dog will also have a feeling of happiness, calm and relief knowing that it will not have to be the pack leader.

Choice Theory Dog Training works with all dog personality types from the most submissive to the most aggressive. This is because the choices given to your dog are dictated by the dog not the owner/trainer.

Choice Theory Dog Training makes for more intelligent dogs because it constantly puts your dog in situations where it has to make intelligent choices. From the beginning your dog will perform task not because he/she expects a reward but because he/she is making the choice that benefits him/her and you.

DISCLAIMER: The quality of Choice Theory Dog Training remains consistently high and is guaranteed, however dog training will not provide exact results. Each dog is different in regards to ability, intelligence and temperament. Choice Theory Dog Training makes no expressed or implied guarantee to the level of competency reached by your dog. It is the owner’s responsibility to continue training with his/her dog until desired proficiency is reached.