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The 5 Basic Commands

Sit:        Sit on command whether next to you in the heel position or in front of you.

Down:   Perfect for giving your dog time-out, which helps your dog get through stressful situations.   

Stay:      Helps prevent your dog from bolting through doors, rushing the dog bowl and jumping on guest.

Come:    To come when called and position either in front or at the side (heel) position.  

Heel:     We teach your dog to walk along side of you (no pulling).

Training Packages

Course 201 - The Great Dog:  Dogs will receive on-leash and off-leash training of the five basic commands plus training locations will be in and around the Dog Training Center. This course also includes specific training designed to teach you how to convert all of the previous training into useful commands in private or public.  Course fee only $900 or we can board and train your dog $3100.

Course 301 -  AKC Canine Good Citizen Preparation and Test: This course is designed to train and prepare your dog and you to take and pass the AKC CGC testing. Dogs will receive all training training designed for the CGC testing. Course includes test fees and your dog is guaranteed to pass AKC Canine Good Citizen Test Standards.  Course fee only $1200   or we can board and train your dog $3600.

Course 402 - Service Dog Preparation: This course is designed to prepare your dogs for service dog training and to get them ready to travel to and about all public locations. Dogs will receive on-leash training of the five basic commands. Training is conducted at stores, hotels, casinos and the airport. Plus this course teaches the owner their responsibilities to their dog and the general public. Course fee only $1500 includes private remote sessions at stores, restaurants casinos, airport and hotels or we can board and train your dog $4500.

NOTICE:   Above prices are available for non-aggressive dogs only.  NOTICE:

Aggressive dog training is billed at a rate of $200 per hr with a six(6) hour minimum

(Aggressive dog is defined as: any dog that continues to show aggression towards visitors after visitors have been invited into the home by the owners, or any dog that shows physical aggression towards dogs or people when off their owner’s property)

DISCLAIMER: The quality of MP K9 Dog Training remains consistently high and is guaranteed, however dog training will not provide exact results. Each dog is different in regards to ability, intelligence and temperament. MP K9 makes no expressed or implied guarantee to the level of competency reached by your dog. It is the owner’s responsibility to continue training with his/her dog until desired proficiency is reached.  

Curriculum and Fees
All behavior issues addressed FREE for the life of your dog

We GUARANTEE our training and provide

 refresher classes at no extra charge

NOTICE: We use shock collars as a LAST resort, not first