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More About Jaymi
My first service dog

My rescue dog turned service dog. I trained her for my dad. Lots of hours and many classes with Master Trainer Eric Saunders at GoldStar service dog school.

My Senior dog

My Chow Collie mix. She is my loving and calm one... Some how though she’s still able to keep our German Shepherds in line.

Mr. Crook is an AKC CGC evaluator. Jaymi continues to supplement his training responsibilities with attendance at different types of dog training seminars most recently working with renowned K9 trainer Mike D’abruzzo owner of K9-1 . He has been privately contracted to train personal security K9s for Law enforcement and military personnel and currently maintains training relationships with several working K9 teams. Mr. Crook is also the author of “Dogs Along The Way” available at

Like so many people, Jaymi grew up with a love and admiration for dogs of all kinds. His personal history of dog ownership includes Labradors, Huskies, Chows and German Shepherds. Years ago, Jaymi and his wife adopted a high drive German Shepherd and it immediately became apparent that they needed to seek out proper training for him. Direction arrived in the form of Master Trainer Gregory Conner who opened up a world previously unknown to them, dramatically deepening the relationship they had with their K-9 Diego and sparking Jaymi's desire to work with dogs.

Taking Gregory’s advice, Jaymi sought out competition style obedience handling which allowed him to further his studies. In time, Jaymi applied for and passed a formal interview process to join the MP K-9 apprentice program. Since then, Jaymi has successfully trained dogs from basic obedience and advance obedience to service dog and personal protection.

In Jaymi’s Words

“ For me, the satisfaction of seeing the evolution in both handler and canine is quite rewarding. To know that I had a hand in that development reminds me of those who have shared their knowledge with me. Dogs are astounding creatures and to work with them humbles and inspires me. I know there are a lot of people out there like myself, who want a more rewarding relationship with their dogs.  I believe I can help them arrive at their goals.”

Hana and I doing a demo for the Vegas Shepherd Rescue Adoption Day at Friendly Ford