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30 Years Ago

Here I am with my first pit bull terrier, Kizzy. This was long before they were popular and most didn’t know what she was.  

My 1st K-9

This is Berry, a Belgium Malinois (Shepherd) . He was my first police dog.  I made my share of mistakes with him so I won’t make them with your dog.

From the time I was a little boy I found kinship with the dogs in my life. At age six it was not unusual to find me curled up asleep with the puppy in the closet. By sixth grade I was teaching our dachshund/beagle mix to track short distances. But my desire to be a real dog man took off when I got my first American Pit Bull Terrier. I was fortunate to get one of such a great bloodline because, in those days pit bull breeders were pit bull fighters and very few would let non dog fighters buy their dogs.

I made a choice to breed for performance rather than looks.  (Read more about performance dog breeding) In my lifetime I bred well over 250 pit bulls.  Most went to good homes and families. Unfortunately a few were put to sleep because their owners failed to recognize the importance of training these highly bred dogs. This was when I learned that highly bred performance dogs will always find difficulty living in a human society, especially if the dog is bred for fighting, racing, hunting or biting people. All of these tasks require extremely high prey-kill instinct.

At 25 I became a family man and joined the Military Police Corp, intent on working K9. By age 28 I got my chance. During my time in K9 I worked police patrol, point (lead) for the Special Forces (Green Beret) jungle patrols, narcotic detection with DEA, bomb dog trainer and K9 Liaison between the US Government and the Republic of Panama. Click Here for awards and pics

I’ve been bitten more than I care to remember and probably will be bitten many more times before I retire from working with dogs all together. Dogs have always given me more than I could have ever given them. They have saved my life and the lives of others on many occasions. They have been my partners and friends for a lifetime. Now I train dogs not so much for the money but because a trained dog with an informed owner has less chance of ending up at the end of a lethal injection needle for being vicious.

An award ceremony in Honduras Central America.

Click Here for awards and pics

Below with my school K9, Sabbath.

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