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Course 403 - The Threat Dog: This course is the precursor for all of our bite-work classes. Your dog will learn to display aggressive and confident behavior on command, or when strangers approach the property or when the owners are physically approached in a threatening way. This course includes basic obedience and contains NO BITE WORK. No prerequisites. Course fee only $1500 or we can board and train your dog for $4500

Because we will not teach your dog to protection anyone other than your family, we can only do the obedience aspect of the protection in a board and train environment. The rest must be taught with the owners present and handling their dog. So call us and get your dog started in the most comprehensive protection dog training available anywhere.

Course 501 - The Personal Protection Dog: In this course your dog will learn to not just act threatening but to ENGAGE IN COMBAT (bite) when necessary. This dog’s job is to act as a High level body guard for all members of the immediate family. Your dog must be able to read and evaluate situations and determine as friendly or threatening. However, even if reading a situation as a threat, your dog must stand down at your discretion. Prerequisite: Course 403. Course fee only $2000 (This Course is not available in a board and train package)

DISCLAIMER: The quality of MP K9 Dog Training remains consistently high and is guaranteed, however dog training will not provide exact results. Each dog is different in regards to ability, intelligence and temperament. MP K9 makes no expressed or implied guarantee to the level of competency reached by your dog. It is the owner’s responsibility to continue training with his/her dog until desired proficiency is reached.  

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