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More About Rod
My first Dobe

During my apprenticeship with MP K9 I was exposed to several breeds that I had little contact with in the past. Now I’m just as comfortable with them

My Boy, ALI

We all have a dog that holds a special place in our hearts. This was mine.

Rod’s earliest memories include walking the family dog before going to first grade class. The Great Dane mix stood head and shoulders above him; however, she was so well trained by his parents that it was never any problem to walk her.

By the time he was in middle school he began reading whatever he could find on dog training.  Working with the family Labrador retriever he began to get a functional understanding of training dogs.

In his early 20’s he was fortunate to get his first highly bred working dog, an American Pit Bull Terrier, a once in a life time companion. Understanding the potential issues with owning a high drive pit bull he embarked on an extensive obedience training regimen with him and all subsequent dogs.  This breed and similar breeds became an integral part of his life for 18 years and they taught him an immense amount about the character, drive and desire of working breeds.  The lessons learned were easily transferable when he started working with Jack Russell Terriers for 15 years.  His goal was to make the Jack Russell the perfect family dog.  

In 2015 Rod teamed back up with his brother, Master Trainer Gregory.  He now combines the skills developed by training his own dogs with the wealth of knowledge learned from Gregory, to become a Journeyman dog trainer.  Since joining MP K9 he has had the opportunity to work with a variety of different breeds from basic obedience and advance obedience to service dog and personal protection.

In Rod’s Words

“ Owning a well-trained dog is one of the most rewarding relationships you can experience.  My goal, as a trainer, is to work with dog owners to train their companion and to assist them in having a rewarding relationship for years to come.”

This husky and I became great friends throughout the apprenticeship and he taught me many things

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