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If you think they are stupid and lazy, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong.

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Cane Corsos

The rising popularity of this breed scares me. In the hands of responsible and competent owners they are great. Unfortunately most dog owners can’t handle these dogs.

Fact: Only up until recently did Greyhounds have an option to being put down after retirement. Rescue organizations have saved thousands.

Note: Greyhounds can make great family pets once you are educated by a good rescue to their ways.

Top Performance 


Many American breeders have been led to believe that to breed for anything other than conformation (looks) is a sin. Many have also been hoodwinked into believe that line-breeding and inbreeding always creates deformities in dogs. What many of these ill-informed owners and breeders fail to realize is that it was inbreeding and line-breeding that produced their show-dogs of today. It was also selecting dogs for appearances such as sloping back, pushed in faces, wrinkles, or miniaturization (making small) that has created deformities in  show-dogs today.

Once the performance has been bred out of a dog it’s almost impossible to get it back in. Unfortunately once a deformity has been bred into a dog it’s just as difficult to breed out. The inbreeding of show-dogs increases the risk of breeding genetic problems like hip dysplasia, skin diseases, bite problems, breathing problems, epilepsy, gum disease and a slew of other deformities and diseases that show-dog breeders often except as part of owning the breed.

On the bright side, two great things about show-dogs are that one; the dogs are absolutely beautiful to look at. The other is that they usually have great temperaments, and since American laws are more lax when it comes to breeding this is a good thing. Americans breed too many unnecessary dogs and too many end up in pounds, shelters, rescues or put down. The final answer may well be a ban on amateur/unlicensed breeding and mandatory spay and neuter laws being implemented across the country.