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Master Trainer, Gregory

I am a former Military Police Working Dog trainer and handler with 25 years of experience breeding high performance dogs and training them to be good family pets. I am certified by the US government and licensed by the state of Nevada to train and work police dogs. I have trained and worked dogs in real time police and combat situations and I can train your dog too.

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We use Choice Theory Training to teach you and train your dog at home and at our training facilities.  We address behavioral problems and identify things that you can do to help alleviate them.

We teach your dog to be a well

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Certified CGC Evaluator

Jaymi Crook is the Director of K9 training for High Powered K9 as well as an obedience and behavior modification trainer for MP K9. His background includes eighteen months study of competition-style obedience handling and six months study of retrieval and stability service dog techniques, Jaymi also has an extensive background in agitation and decoy work including agitation training at Adlerhorst International Police K9 academy. In 2014 Jaymi and his K9 partner Thor certified with the CNCA as an explosives detection team in Los Angeles.  More About Jaymi

 Trainer, Jaymi

AKC Canine Good Citizen Award

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We use shock collars

as a

LAST resort, not first

Rod is MP K9’s choice for opening up the San Francisco East Bay market of California. He is a great obedience trainer with a gift for behavior problem solving. Rod has over two decades of breeding, raising and training high performance terriers. As a breeder, Rod made it a point to assure that all of his customers and clients received the skills and knowledge to be successful in owning such high drive dogs.   More About Rod

 Trainer, Rod (Concord & SF East Bay CA)

Tommy was promoted to the title of Journeyman in June 2016, after finishing a rigorous two-year Apprentice program under Master Trainer Gregory Conner, the company’s Founder and Owner. As Journeyman, Tommy is involved in all aspects of The Dog Training Center, Las Vegas’ only indoor protection and service dog training center, including serving as Lead Trainer for Citizen K9 rescue program, Lead Trainer for the MP K9 Board and Train Program and a Pitbull and Bully Breed Specialist.


Over the past two years, Tommy has trained over 20 dogs a month with Master Gregory. He has worked in all aspects of training, ranging from standard obedience training, to service and therapy dog training and protection K9s. As Journeyman, he is qualified to instruct in both beginner and advanced training for obedience and protection dogs.

A graduate of Silverado High School, Tommy was an aspiring student-athlete in Silverado High School’s respected wrestling program.  He served as Captain of the team for two years and volunteered as Coach for Silverado High School’s Youth Wrestling program. More About Jaymi

 Trainer, Tommy